Dedicated to improving mental health in schools

What's included

For our £100+VAT Lifetime Digital Access License fee, you will receive:

Lifetime access to the online PEP platform

  • Staff Project Guidance (including Peer Education Training Guidance and Scheduling Plan).
  • Staff Training Videos.
  • Digital versions of the Peer Educator Handbook and Peer Learner Workbook (for reference only).
  • Lesson plans and PowerPoint slides.
  • All the digital resources needed to deliver the lessons, as well as information and tools for 'Continuing the Conversation' about mental health in your school.

Ongoing support from our Project Team

  • One-to-one tailored support from the Peer Education Project team at any time via email or phone.
  • Monthly newsletters.

Opportunities for both Staff and Pupils

  • Co-production opportunities for developing new resources and updating existing resources.
  • Peer Educators will have an opportunity to apply for work experience placements with the Mental Health Foundation.
The programme has been designed and evaluated to run with printed materials for Peer Educators and Peer Learners. However, all lesson plans do include suggested adaptations for implementation without the use of printed materials. You will have access to all the digital resources needed to deliver the project.

Prices for the printed materials are listed below. For International British Schools, an additional delivery charge for printed materials will be applied.

Peer Educator Handbooks

1 - 20






*cost per booklet

We recommend a minimum of 3 Peer
Educators to a Peer Learner class, and
one handbook per Peer Educator.

The handbooks are intended to be

Peer Learner Workbooks

1 - 50

51 - 100

101 - 150

151 - 200







*cost per booklet

We recommend one workbook per Peer

The workbooks are single-use only.

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