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Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully prior to purchasing the Peer Education Project (PEP) Annual License.


  1. Purchase of a PEP Annual License acts as an agreement between the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) and your school. All data will be confidentially stored in accordance with the GDPR and Data Protection guidelines.  
  2. The cost of the PEP Annual License is £200 +VAT per school. 
  3. The PEP Annual License enables access to the Project for 12 months from the date of payment. This includes all printed materials, access to the online platform and two places on PEP training.   
  4. The PEP Annual License provides access to the project for one cohort only – i.e. one Year 7 cohort and an appropriately sized group of Peer Educators. 
  5. Once payment is received, one account per school will be registered on the Peer Education Online Platform 
  6. Once an account is registered, we are unable to issue refunds except in exceptional circumstances. 


  1. All PEP materials (whether printed or hosted online) are the Intellectual Property of the Mental Health Foundation.  This includes all core project materials, additional PEP-branded resources and training resources (including slides).  
  2. The PEP Annual License does not give permission for schools to reuse materials in subsequent academic years as we regularly update and improve materials each year.   
  3. Any proposed changes to the materials should be reviewed by the project manager.


  1. At least one school staff member must complete training with MHF prior to implementing the PEP in their school. 
  2. If staff implementing the programme have taken part in previous years, there is no requirement for them to attend training again before implementing PEP. However, they may do so if they wish. 
  3. Schools taking part in the programme for the first time should not order materials before attending training 
  4. MHF is unable to cover additional costs associated with PEP Staff Training (e.g. cover for staff attending; travel).   
  5. When accessing training via webinar, Project Lead(s) are responsible for ensuring they have access to the webinar link, and the use of video, sound and a microphone on their computer. 
  6. In the event of a technological problem on the school’s part, an alternative training date will be offered if it is available 
  7. In the event of a technological problem on MHF’s part, an alternative training date will be arranged 


  1. Safeguarding students during the implementation of the project remains the responsibility of the school.