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Peer Education Project Lifetime Digital Access License

£100 + VAT


The programme has been designed and evaluated to run with printed materials for Peer Educators and Peer Learners.
If you wish to order printed materials, this can either be done now or once registered.
For International British Schools, an additional delivery charge for printed materials will be applied.
The lesson plans do include suggested adaptations for implementation without the use of printed materials. With the Lifetime Digital Access License, you will have access to the all the digital resources needed to run the project. 

Peer Educator Handbooks

1 - 20






*cost per booklet

We recommend a minimum of 3 Peer
Educators to a Peer Learner class, and
one handbook per Peer Educator.

The handbooks are intended to be

Peer Learner Workbooks

1 - 50

51 - 100

101 - 150

151 - 200







*cost per booklet

We recommend one workbook per Peer

The workbooks are single-use only.