Dedicated to improving mental health in schools

How PEP works

Deliver PEP in 4 simple steps- we provide all the resources and support you need!

Staff Training Mental Health
  • Any member of school staff who wishes to be involved in the project will be able to complete the MHF project training via online video.
  • Staff training is split into multiple videos, and can be watched at your own pace.
  • Training will take no longer than 2 hours in total.
  • MHF will be on hand to answer any questions that may crop up during training.
Peer Education Project
  • We provided a detailed training plan to support you in training your Peer Educators.
  • Peer Educators are pupils aged 15 and above (Year 10 and above in England and Wales, S4 and above in Scotland, and Year 11 and above in Northern Ireland).
  • The number of Peer Educators will need will depend on your Peer Learner year group size. We recommend a minimum of 10% e.g. 20 Peer Educators for 200 Peer Learners.
  • The training takes a minimum of 8 hours, however, is structured to be flexible to your timetable.
  • MHF will be on hand to answer any questions that may crop up as you plan and run your Peer Educator training.
Year 7 Lessons Mental Health
  • Peer Educators will be provided with a detailed lesson plan and PowerPoint slides for each lesson.
  • Lessons are based on a 50-minute lessons, but can be lengthened or shortened depending on your timetable.
  • We recommend lessons are delivered weekly or fortnightly, however lessons have been delivered in other ways. MHF will be on hand to answer any questions that may crop up as you plan for and deliver the lessons.
  • Peer Learners are pupils aged 11-13 (Year 7/8 in England and Wales, S1 in Scotland or Year 8/9 in Northern Ireland).
Continuing the Mental Health Conversation
  • Staff and pupils will have co-production opportunities for developing new resources and updating existing resources for PEP and MHF's wider school work.
  • Peer Educators will have an opportunity to apply for work experience placements with the Mental Health Foundation.
  • Use our School Packs to support further mental health discussions within your school.

At any stage you can email or book in a call with MHF Project Team to discuss any questions you might have, and how the project can be tailored to your school.